20 x 8 min | Web-Serie | Komödie | 2010
Fiction 2.0

Regie: Sascha Zimmermann
Buch: Sascha Zimmermann, Tommy Draper, Stefan Gieren

Mit: Marcel Glauche, Jeff Caster, Fiana de Guzman, Paul Glaser

Gefördert von First Motion / Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.
Premiere während der Berlinale 2011 in der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Landesvertretung.

Robin has a dream. He wants to become a superhero. After his A-Levels he moves from Hamburg to New York City to start one of the most promising internships of the industry: He is the personal assistant of legendary New York Superhero Captain Impact. In his video blog he shares the experiences he makes on his way up. That way is rockier than he has expected. Robin is desperately trying to find a suitable Superhero Identity and Captain Impact turns out to be a faded star. The legendary „Impact-Cave“ from where he fights the dark side of New York is little more than a run down basement flat. Physically out of shape and regularly suffering from Depression he works as a private investigator to make a living.