23 min | Dramatische Komödie | 2006
Top Five Films

Buch & Regie: Sascha Zimmermann

Mit: Lee Baxter, Kathleen A. Renish

Shawn, the author of three bestsellers, has entrenched himself in his bathroom since his latest novel exceeded its deadline with a bad case of writers block. How could this happen to a bestseller? He is on his last nerve. His phone calls to his analyst aren’t any help, just the dull tone of an answering machine. Shawn’s world is getting smaller and smaller. To top off Shawn’s run of bad luck we have the lovely Diane, Shawn’s ex-wife. She has fallen in love again and is set to leave New York. After an intense discussion with Diane, Shawn is convinced that change IS good, and his only thought is – suicide.